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Frozen Snacks

Frozen Snacks
87 results
Deep Patra 400 GM
Babu's Paneer Tikka
Deep 50 Potato Samosa I5P
Deep 8 Samosa
Deep 8 Samosa
$ 5.49
Babu's Daabeli
Deep 4 Vegetable Cutlets HCU
Deep Original Handvo 312 GM
Deep 50 Channa Dal Samosa I5C
Bhagwati Methi Gota
Deep 24 Potato Pea Samosa
Deep Bhatura  Br26
Deep 8 Jalapeno Cheese Samosa 200 G
Nanak Aloo Tikki
Deep Onion Pakora Df13
Hr punjabi samosa 650g
Nanak Veggie Kebab 600 GM
Deep 40 Cocktail Samosa Potato & Pea
Deep Spinach Pakora Df12
Babu's Aloo Chat 226 GM
Hr punjabi samosa vpack 18pcs
Deep 12 Mixed Vegetable Samosa 319 G
Hr Dal Kachori 420 GM
Daily Delight Puffs 227 GM
Amma's Medu Vada 24 Pieces
Deep Pani Puri Pani Fc15
Deep Fafda 200 G
Deep Mixed Handvo 312 GM
Babu's Palak Paneer 226 GM
Nanak batata wada 12 pic
Deep Punjabi Samosa 15 Pieces
Hr Mutter Kachori 420 GM
Hr cocktail samosa 650gm
Daily Delight Neyyappam
Deep Ponk 170 G
Hr punjabi samosa 1.4kg
Deep Paneer Chilli Samosa 319 G
Aman Spring Roll Pastry 25 Pieces
Babu's Chhole Bhature
Hr special samosa 650g
GG Lilva Kachori 665 GM
Maiyas samosa
Maiyas samosa
$ 4.39
Gg Coconut Kachori 9 Pieces
Deep Mathia
Deep Mathia
$ 1.09
Daily Delight Puffs Pastry Sheet
Deep Moong Dal Kachori 708 GM
Vezlay Soya Patty

87 results

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